Unsinkable Mister Brown

The most critically acclaimed cruise book of all time!

The full, uncompromising and surprising story of Bianca is revealed.

A surprise, whirlwind romance in Romania leads Brian to chase the woman who turned his world upside down. He becomes a cruise ship waiter, an arduous existence that Bianca has born for years. The grueling hours leave them little time together, and he quickly learns that she becomes a different person at sea.

With a candid, no-muss style, Bruns shows just how smitten he and Bianca are with one another, though they’re not without their jokes and stubborn streaks. Beneath the playful jabs and willful tempers is a force of gravity that binds them, even when the waves get rough. But the longer he remains on the ships, the more he begins to wonder if any couple can transcend the strains of a water-logged existence.

International Literary Award-Winning True Romance:

  • ForeWord Awards, HUMOR BOOK OF THE YEAR, finalist
  • ForeWord Awards, TRAVEL/ESSAY BOOK OF THE YEAR, finalist
  • Paris Book Festival: Silver Medal Winner
  • London Book Festival: Bronze Medal Winner
  • Hollywood Book Festival: Bronze Medal Winner

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