The Gothic Shift


International Book Awards Winner: Best Short Story Collection

A beguiling collection of the macabre and supernatural from bestseller Brian David Bruns. 

Blue Caribou visits the crew of a ship stuck in the Arctic ice in 1859 as they slowly go mad from hunger. The ultimate solution – prompted by a stitched, velveteen toy wolf – gives a completely new twist on survival of the fittest.

The Finger People – a fine study of Civil War squalor and carnage – spotlights the Union attack on the Confederate stronghold Fort Henry. A timid rebel cook discovers something even grislier than the usual horrors of war: ghouls feeding off the dead… and the living.

The Gothic Shift is about a man who comes into a restaurant every day to gulp down vast quantities at the shrimp buffet, while his forlorn waitress seems to gain weight on his behalf. Here Bruns achieves a delightful balance of whimsy and the grotesque, with  a glimmer of moonstruck romance.

The Ghost of Naked Molly takes us back to old New Orleans on the eve of the Louisiana Purchase, where the ghost of a gorgeous octoroon slave mistress complicates the political schemes of a local grandee by parading around his house in the nude.

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“Bruns creates well-imagined, realistic settings for his lively characters.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Bruns has tension building down to an art form.” – Reader’s Favorite Reviews

Adventuring in over 60 countries to gather material for his bestselling books, Brian David Bruns has won the USA REBA Grand Prize, numerous Book of the Year honors by ForeWord Magazine, and several international literary awards. He has been featured on two separate occasions by ABC’s 20/20.

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