In the House of Leviathan


ForeWord Magazine’s Book of the Year finalist: Thriller
ForeWord Magazine’s Book of the Year finalist: Horror

When blind, deaf, and terribly old Grapaldi summons Leviathan—a monster not just of the sea, but of the soul—more than mysteries of the deep rise to threaten a village nestled in Italian cliffs. A mysterious, undelivered letter is unearthed, inciting a scandal that rocks the church. Dependable Father Milani is replaced by fiery outsider Fabriano, whose obsessive desire to combat Leviathan challenges the faith of the entire Apuzzo family. When their brother dies a bizarre, gruesome death, Giuseppe vows to protect his young sister Carmelina. He is strong but overwhelmed, a broken soldier with his own demons to fight. Together, and with the aid of their equally damaged but hopeful friends, they must unravel the mysteries and outsmart an evil as old as mankind itself before it destroys them all.

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“There’s a kind of poetry in Bruns’s prose; his sleight of hand not only invokes fear and suspense, but also proves his steady and deliberate writing voice.”

– Writer’s Digest

“A powerful blend of images and experiences that rely on well-developed protagonists and settings steeped in historical background and different acts of courage.”

– California Book Watch

Adventuring in over 60 countries to gather material for his bestselling books, Brian David Bruns has won the USA REBA Grand Prize, numerous Book of the Year honors by ForeWord Magazine, and several international literary awards. He has been featured on two separate occasions by ABC’s 20/20.

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