High Seas Drifter

The surprise ending to the Cruise Confidential series!

An epic sail into the sunset. Romance. Discovery. Lawsuits.

Over one fascinating year on the world’s largest sailing vessel, Brian finally finds a ship of his own. He’d become part of a ship family, one with a wildly diverse group of not-so-kindred spirits, from ship photographer to chief officer. Plying the Mediterranean was the highlight of four years at sea – and the end. It wasn’t the betrayal that bothered him so much, but the lawsuits. High Seas Drifter, the fourth and final chapter in Bruns’ critically acclaimed Cruise Confidential series, is the most adventurous, enlightening, maddening, and hilarious of them all.

˃˃˃ One year in the Med on the world’s largest sailing vessel.

High Seas Drifter isn’t a hazy, drunken afternoon at Carlos & Charlie’s in Cozumel. Discover ports grander than anything your imagination can conjure from Portugal, Spain, Morocco, France, Monaco, Italy, Malta, Tunisia, Croatia, and Greece. The world is a book, and the Caribbean is only the first page!

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